API Documentation

Diagnostics Data - Europe Package


In order to access data of the product Diagnostics Data - Europe Package, the following steps and prerequisites are required:

  1. First, we will agree on a legal contract with you and your company. Please contact us for more details.
  2. On the Data Hub
    • Your company registers on our Data Hub using ONE Business ID (www.onebusinessid.com) , a service provided by Volkswagen AG
    • You subscribe to this product
  3. After subscribing to the product you will be issued an API-Key.
  4. You can connect to the data product and consume the data by sending a GET Request according to the API specification of the product you can find below to the provided endpoint
  5. Set the HTTP-header `x-marketplace-api-key` to the value of the API-key

  Read on for the event data detailed content and format description.

API Specification