The Data Hub provides mobility data products from several Volkswagen Group brands to business customers (B2B). Data access is provided via API (e.g. REST API).

Currently, the Data Hub can be used by businesses with a valid ONE Business ID, Volkswagen Group's central identity provider for corporate customers. The ONE Business ID is currently available to business customers in Germany, France, Poland and Czech Republic. If you are located outside of these locations, please get in touch with our customer service.

Yes, registration is necessary to use the Data Hub. A contract must be signed between a registering organization and the Data Hub in order to subscribe to our data offering. Browsing through our data offering, however, does not require registration.


To register, a ONE Business ID account is necessary. The ONE Business ID is Volkswagen Group's central identity provider for corporate customers. After successfully registering and signing a contract, you may subscribe to the data offering activated for your account.

The ONE Business ID provides your organization with its own unique access to the Volkswagen Group’s digital business services, such as the Data Hub. For further information, please visit the VW One Business ID website.

Registration via a VW ONE Business ID is necessary to access the Data Hub, sign a contract for mobility data of interest, and subscribe to your selected product(s) of interest on the Data Hub. You will then be provided with an API key with which you will be able to access the data.

Please fill out a contact request and choose 'Contract Request’ in the ‘Topic’ field. If known, please specify the data product you're interested in. A support representative will reply to your request as soon as possible.

Mobility Data

The Data Hub currently offers several sets of mobility data. Please check our product catalogue for an overview and further details. 

Data products are based on Volkswagen Group mobility data. Please check our product catalogue for detailed information. 

The Data Hub offers mobility data from various Volkswagen Group brands. The availability differs between brands. Please refer to the product pages for details. 

Information on model availability is dependent on the data type. Please check our product catalogue for detailed information on model availability.

Currently, our mobility data is generated in the European Economic Area but this can differ for certain data sets.

For detailed pricing information, please contact us.


We strictly adhere to the highest security and data privacy standards for our technology, which are based on the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). For details, please see our Privacy Policy. The Data Hub uses Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) as well as general access tokens used in the OAuth protocol. Our services and data are hosted and secured by Microsoft Azure within the European Union.


Please fill out a contact request and a support representative will reach out to you as soon as possible.