Local Hazard Information (EDC)

Keep drivers informed and safe with local hazard event data. Local Hazard Information provides information about selected road events.

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What is Local Hazard Information (EDC) about?

Local Hazard Information improves road safety by providing event data about local hazards detected from sensors in our vehicles. This data package includes accidents, broken-down vehicles, slippery roads, and reduced visibility due to heavy rain or fog. Local Hazard Information allows you to optimize navigation services, create early warnings for drivers, develop predictive rerouting and thus increase driver safety. Drivers are enabled to make timely and proactive driving decisions, significantly improving overall road safety.

What data or features do I have access to?

Our data set includes time of hazard information, the time of registered GPS position, GPS information, speed, and event type.

Technical Limitations

Supported Brands and Models

Local Hazard Information data is derived from selected Audi models.

Supported Markets

Please contact us for further information.

Permitted Data Usage

The scope of the data usage is defined in the contract between the customer and Volkswagen Group Info Services AG.


In order to access data of the product Local Hazard Information (EDC), the following steps and prerequisites are required:

  1. First, we will agree on a legal contract with you and your company. Please contact us for more details.
  2. On the Data Hub
    • Your company registers on our Data Hub using ONE Business ID (www.onebusinessid.com) , a service provided by Volkswagen AG
    • You subscribe to this product
  3. Mobility Data Space (EDC scope)
    • You have got an EDC Connector running with a valid DAPS certificate
    • You request for data transfer via your EDC connector
    • On the Initiate transfer form, click on "Show Http Datasource Parameterization Fields" followed by clicking on " Add Custom Query Param"
    • Add custom query param name : x-marketplace-api-key
    • The value will be the subscription key that you received from us
    • Click initiate transfer

API Specification