Facilitate your vehicle management and sales processes with vehicle master data and equipment data. 

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What is VIN-Specification about?

The process of preparing vehicles for online sales can be time consuming. Our data product offers a full picture concerning vehicle master, equipment data that help create a precise description of the vehicle. The vehicle specific data points are requested via VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and enable the customer to perform reliable and quick vehicle management and sales activities.

What data or features do I have access to?

Our data sets include OEM vehicle master data and equipment data from VW Commercial Vehicles, VW, ŠKODA, SEAT and Audi. 

  • Vehicle master data: Vehicle identification number, Brand, brand text, model name, model code, model year, color description chassis/interior/roof, paint number, engine code letter, gearbox code letter.
  • Equipment data: 3-digit PR-number to identify equipment features, description of equipment features, gear- and engine codes.
  • Emission data: vehicle mass descriptions, energy efficiency classes, fuel consumption, ranges for electric vehicles and CO2 values.

Technical Limitations

Supported Brands and Models

The data set supports all vehicle models across the product range from VW Commercial Vehicles, VW Passenger Cars, ŠKODA, SEAT and Audi.

Supported Markets


Permitted Data Usage

The data set is provided to authorized customers only. The scope of the permitted data usage is defined in the contract between the customer and Volkswagen Group Info Services AG.


In order to access data of the product VIN-Specification, the following steps and prerequisites are required:

  1. First, we will agree on a legal contract with you and your company. Please contact us for more details.
  2. On the Data Hub
    • Your company registers on our Data Hub using ONE Business ID ( , a service provided by Volkswagen AG
    • You subscribe to this product
  3. After subscribing to the product you will be issued an API-Key.
  4. You can connect to the data product and consume the data by sending a GET Request according to the API specification of the product you can find below to the provided endpoint
  5. Set the HTTP-header `x-marketplace-api-key` to the value of the API-key

  Read on for the event data detailed content and format description.

    API Specification