VIN Specification | Product Family

Family of data products with numerous data points to describe a vehicle extensively. Different products for various purposes of use to speed up business workflows.

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VIN Specification is a family of data products that currently comprises 3 different data products with different specific purposes of use for different customer groups.

Each data product contains numerous relevant data points to clearly and broadly describe a vehicle. It bundles vehicle master data, equipment and emissions data for almost every vehicle from 6 Volkswagen Group brands in a comprehensive database. The vehicle data is simply requested via the VIN (vehicle identification number). An answer is made available in seconds directly in third-party software solutions.

This puts an end to the days of manual data collection and maintenance regarding the provided data points. Business processes can get simplified and accelerated radically.

VIN Specification

  • provides VIN-specific static vehicle data
  • 3 different products for specific purposes of use of different customer groups
  • sourced originally from the included brands
  • high market accuracy
  • excellent data availability
  • reduces manual effort for data inputs and maintenance considerably
  • individual support from our data specialists
  • further data products can be added if required


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Further purposes of use and more customer groups will be added.


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