For insurance providers: Offer customized car insurance tariffs based on actual mileage driven.

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How does ‘Pay As You Drive’ work?

Today, the mileage used to calculate an insurance premium is often still based on estimations provided by the policyholder. If a policyholder estimates their mileage to be too low compared to actual usage, they may risk being charged additional payments. If the estimation given is too high in comparison with actual usage, the premium payment will also be too high. Both are inconvenient and lead to a potentially negative customer experience.
With access to the actual mileage driven, the probability of human error in estimating the actual mileage is avoided. Neither the policyholder, nor the insurer, need to guess or estimate. Easy, accurate and up to date price calculation is more efficient for both the insurance provider and the policyholder, thus increasing comfort, transparency, and overall customer experience.

"Pay As You Drive" will be the basis for more sophisticated data products offered exclusively for insurances in the future.

What data or features do I have access to?

Last available mileage, timestamp, policyholder consent information.

Technical Limitations

Vehicles must have a valid connectivity license. The policyholder must be registered as the primary user and successfully complete the consent process. New mileage datapoints are made available in the backend when the vehicle is turned on or off. Data consumption can be obtained via pull-request once the data protection and IT security requirements are met.

Supported Brands and Model

All VW Passenger Cars with the MOD 2-4 infotainment system that have an active “We Connect” license including the service “Vehicle Status”.

Supported Markets


Permitted Data Usage

The data may be used solely to calculate the premium for the respective car’s insurance. Further details regarding the scope of data usage are defined in the contract between the policyholder and Volkswagen Group Info Services AG.


In order to access data of the product Pay as you drive (PAYD), the following steps and prerequisites are required:

  1. First, we will agree on a legal contract with you and your company. Please contact us for more details.
  2. On the Data Hub
    • Your company registers on our Data Hub using ONE Business ID ( , a service provided by Volkswagen AG
    • You subscribe to this product
  3. After subscribing to the product you will be issued an API-Key.
  4. You can connect to the data product and consume the data by sending a GET Request according to the API specification of the product you can find below to the provided endpoint
  5. Set the HTTP-header `x-marketplace-api-key` to the value of the API-key

  Read on for the event data detailed content and format description.

API Specification